The Beauty of Science

Hello there,

If your reading this then congratulations! Your one of the elite few who has managed to untangle themselves from the thick glooply mess that is the internet and stumble upon this nugget of curiosity.

In this blog I’ll be informing you guys about the wonder that is our universe. I want to get rid of the umbrella of blissful ignorance that we are are concealed in and open your optical organs to a new kind of magic, a magic that’s made so much more moving, so much more exhilarating and so much more brilliant, simply due to the fact that it isn’t a illusion or a stage trick with fancy assistants and complex contraptions. It’s ‘magic’ that’s true, something that is happening around us all the time. The magic is quite simply, our universe. The reality of our universe as understood through our senses and using scientific methods.

Although, don’t get your hopes up. I won’t be unlocking the meaning of life anytime soon (probably). In fact, that’s what science thrives on. It’s inability-so far-to explain everything. This spurs it on to keep asking questions and getting inch by inch closer to the truth.

What’s more, there’s no ‘expiration date’ for science, it’s constantly alive and eager and there’s always plenty of questions you can ask. Thomas Edison (the guy who didn’t invent the light bulb) once said:

“We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.”

And that quote is probably one of his best contributions to the world, because it couldn’t be more true, well, maybe unless you change the million to a trillion or something.

Anyway, throughout this blog I want to highlight the importance of science in our everyday lives and how we use it for pretty much every single thing we will ever do. Also, I hope to show you how science can be ingeniously simple but also beautifully complicated using my posts in the future.

So hop on for it’s gravitational pull of knowledge and hopefully together we’ll scratch the surface of our ignorance. Or, at least receive a small glimpse at it’s glimmer.

I now leave you with a quote by a personal inspiration of mine, Carl Sagan. It may leave you something to brood over.

“We have arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.”


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Science

    • Why thank you sir,

      I’ve had the pleasure of visiting you blog and I must say your posts are quite engrossing. I’ll stay tuned.
      And thank you for checking out my website. You’ve welcomed me into the dark, mysterious underworld of blogging.
      Hope you like my posts to come.

  1. It seems we may be on the same wavelength on science, though I am adding my interpretations and worldview to some of the science I know and love. I have only been blogging for six weeks or so. A word of warning: it is addicting!

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